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c&d inc. works with partners to explore a new model of cross-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-07-26 | source:c&d inc.

on july 26, the hainan expo saw c&d inc. ( enter into a strategic cooperation agreement with jd worldwide, aulife asia-pacific (hereinafter referred to as “aulife”), and nutura, an australian organic milk powder manufacturer, respectively on the spot, which marked an important step on the road of exploring a new model of cross-border e-commerce for consumer goods.
c&d inc. cooperates with jd worldwide and aulife to create a new model of supply chain platform service
on the morning of july 26, c&d inc., jd worldwide and aulife held a grand signing ceremony for australia & nz pavilion to settle in jd worldwide platform at jd booth at the hainan expo. the ceremony was attended by leaders and guests including zheng yongda, wang zhibing and lin yiqiang from c&d inc., wang yunpeng and liu yingqi from jd worldwide, yao kaiwen from aulife, and martin ferreyra, senior commercial officer of the australian consulate general in guangzhou, who witnessed the signing together.
according to the agreement, the three parties decided to deepen cooperation to explore a new business cooperation model integrating supply chain platform service for cross-border e-commerce. being service-oriented, this model will leverage c&d inc.'s superior supply chain and front-end operation capabilities, aulife's mature supply chain resources of brands in australia and new zealand and the powerful platform of jd worldwide to bring consumers a safe and convenient door-to-door experience, allowing chinese consumers to access high-quality australian goods without leaving home.
previously, c&d essential resources, a member enterprise of consumer goods division of c&d inc., maintained a good cooperative relationship with aulife and jd worldwide on cross-border business. this relationship was further strengthened during this expo, where jd worldwide cooperated with c&d essential resources and aulife to build the australia & nz pavilion, which is dedicated to promoting australian specialty products to chinese consumers.
c&d inc. cooperates with nutura to bring australian organic milk powder to more chinese consumers
it was also on july 26 that c&d inc. and nutura held a grand signing ceremony of strategic cooperation at c&d source & supply exhibition hall. the ceremony was attended by company leaders and guests including zheng yongda, party secretary and chairman of c&d inc., martin ferreyra, senior commercial officer of the australian consulate general in guangzhou, and ivy yao, head of nutura china.
during the ceremony, aby shukla, ceo of nutura, delivered a video speech to appreciate the china international consumer products expo, announce the launch of nutura's nutritional products program for the elderly, and express the hope to work with c&d inc. to expose nutura's high-quality products to more chinese consumers.
according to the agreement, both parties will make joint efforts to optimize supply chain operation services and domestic channel layout, which is of great significance for c&d and nutura to promote the economic development of e-commerce retail industry in the domestic market.
c&d inc. enjoys a global pool of resources and in-depth channel operation capabilities in terms of supply chain operation business, and is committed to building a new core business system in the consumer goods field. relying on the whole-process digitalized solutions in the upstream and downstream of its consumer goods industry chain, c&d inc. will boost the development of consumer goods business by supporting the industry in the upstream and empowering the terminals in the downstream, so as to build a sustainable and high-quality ecosystem for consumer goods. with its ingenious product craftsmanship and brand originality, nutura is exactly a high-quality upstream partner that c&d inc. is looking for. this cooperation aims to combine nutura's strengths with c&d's leading supply chain operation services to expose nutura to chinese consumers by way of sales model, technology transformation and formula innovation, etc.