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won the first place in fujian once again! c&d auto ranked the list of china's top 100 car dealers -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-07-15 | source:c&d inc.

on july 14, the 2022 china auto dealer conference and top 100 press conference with the theme of "new pattern" was held in qingdao, and the "top 100 chinese automobile dealer groups in 2022" list was officially released.
xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, has been on the list for many years, ranking 41st with 11.989 billion yuan, up 4 places from last year, ranking first in fujian province.

at the same time, c&d auto was selected as the "excellent digital transformation cases of chinese auto dealers in 2022" by virtue of the comprehensive digital transformation matrix.
in the future, c&d auto will comprehensively improve the internal skills of customer relationship management and regional scenario service capability, actively seek breakthrough direction, follow the trend, and achieve steady and long-term development.