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c&d logistics ranks 13th among top 50 chinese logistics companies in 2021 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-01-12 | source:c&d inc.

according to the top 50 chinese logistics companies in 2021 released by china federation of logistics & purchasing on the top 50 china logistics' digital transformation development forum held in beijing recently, c&d logistics group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as c&d logistics), a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (, made it into the list at 13th place with a business revenue of 24.8 billion yuan.

the top 50 chinese logistics companies are selected by china federation of logistics & purchasing from key logistics enterprises based on a statistical survey. enterprises named on the list need to meet the development direction and policy requirements advocated by the state, in addition to having their business scale and financial indicators up to the advanced domestic level in the same period. this year recorded a rise to 4.06 billion yuan in the operating income threshold for the top 50 logistics companies, up 350 million yuan over the previous year.

as a well-known supply chain operation service provider in china, c&d logistics has been engaged in logistics-related business since 1989. the company keeps improving its comprehensive logistics service capability, and builds lean logistics projects and futures delivery business based on refined inventory management, customs consulting and planning, full transportation at home and abroad, etc. it has been awarded as "china's 5a class logistics enterprise", "national advanced logistics enterprise", "china's most competitive logistics enterprise", etc. c&d logistics has currently formed a layout consisting of offices in xiamen, shanghai, tianjin, qingdao, chengdu, etc., self-operated logistics centers with an area of over 1 million square meters, and more than 200 cooperative service outlets worldwide.
ranking as one of the top 50 logistic companies indicates industry experts' recognition of the business model and service quality of c&d logistics. moving forward, c&d logistics will make continuous efforts to integrate the four service elements of logistics, information, finance and commerce, innovate the supply chain operation mode, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, facilitate industry transformation and upgrading, and provide customers with better supply chain operation and intelligent logistics solutions.