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date: 2021-11-06 | source:c&d inc.

the 4th china international import expo (ciie), which was held in shanghai from nov 5 to 10, has become a platform for international procurement, investment promotion, people-to-people exchanges and opening-up and cooperation. nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions took part in the ciie, with more countries and enterprises than the last ciie.

during the ciie, c&d inc. ( held 7 "import cooperation signing ceremonies" and was invited to attend one opening ceremony. partners include the world's leading agricultural science and technology and innovative enterprise syngenta, singapore agricultural products listed company olam international, and the world's second largest food company jbs, the world's largest dairy exporter fonterra, global leader in scientific services thermo fisher scientific, global expert on digital transformation in energy management and automation schneider electric, one of the world's four largest grain merchants louis dreyfus, sumitomo corporation and other large global 500 enterprises. the range of products involves high-end medical instrument consumables, agricultural products, high-end consumer goods, dairy products and other fields.

fu jianhong, deputy secretary of the cpc committee and inspector of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of xiamen, chen hao, deputy governor of bank of china xiamen branch and leaders of c&d inc. attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing.

city leaders tour

on november 5th, zheng yongda, party secretary and chairman of xiamen c&d inc. accompanied huang yantian, member of xiamen municipal party committee and vice mayor of xiamen municipal people's government, to visit volkswagen group, schneider electric and thermo fisher scientific, which are our company's cooperative customers. 

contract situation

c&d inc. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with syngenta group, which will jointly open up the upstream and downstream of the agricultural industry chain, connect farmers in producing countries and chinese consumers, promote the healthy growth of the global closed-loop agricultural supply system, and jointly build a stable, mature and sustainable agricultural ecosystem.  

c&d inc. and olam international will establish a regular exchange mechanism and a more pragmatic, long-term, stable, comprehensive and friendly strategic cooperative relationship in the field of commodity trade, and make it clear that both sides will expand supply chain cooperation in the agricultural products field in the future.  

c&d inc. has signed a letter of intent with brazil jbs group for the supply agreement of frozen products (including beef, chicken, pork, etc.).  

c&d inc. and louis dreyfus (shanghai) co., ltd. signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation on the principle of equality, voluntariness and complementary advantages to jointly promote cooperation in the whole agricultural industry chain in the strategic cooperation area.  

c&d inc. is thermo fisher's core supply chain operator. the two sides will work together to help chinese customers accelerate the research in life science, medicine and health, semiconductor industry and other fields, drive china's development with science and technology, and empower china's healthy future with innovation.  

c&d inc. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with schneider electric, and the two sides will cooperate in smart energy, energy storage, carbon neutrality, green intelligent manufacturing and other fields.  

c&d japan inc., xingyun group and sumitomo corporation signed the cooperation agreement on "hakuza" cosmetics project, officially pressing the "start button" for the cooperation between c&d japan inc. and xingyun group in the business field of japanese brand introduction.  

at the opening ceremony of fonterra's booth, fonterra and c&d inc. jointly proposed a low-carbon cooperation initiative to promote sustainable development. new zealand ambassador to china peter finlay witnessed the ceremony.  

the ciie is a major initiative of china to open its market to the world. many large multinational enterprises come to this platform to show their cutting-edge products and achievements, which indicates that there will be many opportunities in the future import market. taking the import expo as an opportunity, c&d inc. not only further deepened the existing cooperative relations with foreign large enterprises, but also made new partners and actively explored new business cooperation fields.  

c&d inc. takes "explore new values and enable more people to live a better life" as the mission, "integrate resources, create value-added" as the core value of the brand, adheres to value-added service concept oriented business model innovation, committed to innovation-driven development strategy, and strive to develop into an international leading supply chain operator.

in the future, c&d inc. will be based on national "binary" new pattern of development, actively practicing the strategy of "going out", accelerating "internationalization" layout, strengthen "technology empowerment" and "finance empowerment", accelerate the layout of key logistics infrastructure, and look for appropriate investment opportunities in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, continuously enhance differentiated core competitiveness, exploit potential appreciation opportunities at the links of in supply chain operations, create more profound industrial and social value by supply chain services, improve industry operation efficiency, promote social and economic development, and enable more people to live a better life.