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the world's top 500 companies "join hands", c&d and hengli deepen strategic cooperation -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-11-05 | source:c&d inc.

recently, huang wenzhou, secretary of the party committee and chairman of xiamen c&d corp., zheng yongda, secretary of the party committee and chairman of xiamen c&d inc., huang hui, general manager of xiamen c&d commodity trading co., ltd., and other leaders visited hengli group, one of h and a leading enterprise in the domestic energy chemical industry.

xiamen c&d commodity trading co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as c&d commodity), a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (, and hengli petrochemical co., ltd. have achieved rapid growth in business scale since the cooperation was launched in july 2020. the products cover many varieties such as olefin, aromatics and refined oil, with monthly sales volume reaching 100,000 tons and annual sales volume of about 1 million tons. both sides will continue to expand varieties and scale in the cooperation, enrich the cooperation direction of multiple modes from long contract to agent purchasing and agent marketing, and promote the business scale to a new level.

liu qianhan, general manager of hengli petrochemical (dalian) co., ltd., first extended a warm welcome to the leaders of c&d corp. he introduced the industry and business development of hengli group in detail, spoke highly of c&d corp.'s professional ability in supply chain operation and development, and fully affirmed the good cooperation between hengli petrochemical and c&d commodity, looking forward to further deepening cooperation between the two sides in the future.

zheng yongda, chairman of c&d inc., introduced the industrial layout, business coverage and strategic development plan of the company's supply chain, fully affirmed the rapid growth and excellent performance of c&d commodity and hengli petrochemical cooperation business, and hoped that both parties could make joint efforts to become bigger and better.

huang wenzhou, chairman of c&d corp., praised hengli group for seizing the opportunity, leading the trend and developing into an international first-class enterprise with oil refining, petrochemical, polyester new materials and textile whole industry chain through its own continuous efforts, and advancing into the top 70 of fortune global 500. he highly expects better cooperation between c&d commodity and hengli petrochemical in the future, and hopes that both sides will work together to realize the goal of doubling the current cooperation scale in a short period of time, and constantly enrich the cooperation categories, expand the cooperation scale, and expand the depth and breadth of supply chain services.

after the discussion, general manager liu qianhan led huang wenzhou, zheng yongda and other leaders to changxing island, dalian, to inspect the world's largest and most advanced single set of refining and chemical integration device built by hengli group. this device, designed to be more than 10 years ahead of the world average, covers an area of 23 square kilometers with a total investment of 120 billion yuan. it was built in 2016 and put into operation in 2019, with an annual refining and chemical capacity of 20 million tons. it represents the world's most advanced large-scale refining and chemical plants in terms of technological advancement, product flexibility, unit energy consumption and ecological and environmental protection.

after the visit, the leaders of the two sides took a group photo and agreed to continue exchanges of visits and deepen strategic cooperation.


enterprise brief introduction

hengli group is an international enterprise developing the whole industry chain of oil refining, petrochemical, polyester new materials and textile. now it has one of the world's largest pta factories, the world's largest functional fiber production base and one of the weaving enterprises, has built the national "enterprise technology center". the enterprise competitiveness and product brand value of hengli group are both listed in the forefront of the international industry.

xiamen c&d commodity trading co., ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, is committed to providing customers with more valuable supply chain value-added services with the concept of finance enabling supply chain management. the company is mainly engaged in the supply chain integration operation of bulk raw materials. with years of experience in risk management and price management in related industries, the company provides customers with one-stop integrated supply chain services integrating logistics, information, finance and business services.