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date: 2021-03-26 | source:c&d inc.

on the morning of march 24, 2021, c&d (hainan) co., ltd. had a grand opening. leaders of c&d inc. and hainan international economic development bureau and yangpu international witnessed this important moment together.

last june, the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council issued "the overall plan for the construction of hainan free trade port ", which clearly stated that hainan will follow the international high level of economic and trade rules, promote investment and trade liberalization and facilitation, establish a special tax system and legal system, and build an internationally competitive free trade port. c&d (hainan) co., ltd. was born in the east wind of the construction of free trade port. the establishment of c&d (hainan) co., ltd. is the development strategy of c&d inc. to go to world on the basis of grasping the new opportunity of building hainan free trade port, is a response to the national policy of expanding opening up and promoting economic globalization, is an important measure of the new five-year plan and the going-out strategy of c&d inc., and a key layout for taking root in the free trade zone to develop new businesses.

c&d (hainan) co., ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, fully integrated logistics, information, finance, commodities and market five resources, plan supply chain operations solutions and provide customized "lift" supply chain services for customers and partners on the basis of four services and elements of "logistics", "information", "finance" and "trading". the supply chain operations business will focus on the supply chain of bulk commodities and consumer goods, covering the vast majority of the business varieties of c&d inc.'s supply chain business.

based on the rapid development changes of free trade port in hainan with each passing day, with the mission of going global and the initial intention of resource sharing and win-win cooperation, c&d (hainan) co., ltd., as a new stage to realize c&d inc.'s "going global" strategy, will strive to help c&d inc. to become a leading international supply chain operator in the journey of realizing the new five-year strategic plan.