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the supply chain services of shanghai c&d material helped the smooth opening of xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i) -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-01-11 | source:c&d inc.

the millennium plan, traffic first. xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i), an important transportation infrastructure project in xiong’an new area, was officially completed and opened to traffic at the end of december 2020.    

the first section of the project is contracted by powerchina road bridge group co., ltd. shanghai c&d material co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shanghai c&d material") , a member of c&d inc., is the steel supplier of this project. this is another representative case of shanghai c&d material implementing lift supply chain services in a large terminal project following the "hualong 1" nuclear power project.

the project schedule of xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i) is tight, the task is heavy and the requirement is high. as the steel procurement projects bidding unit, shanghai c&d material has fully assessed link available resources in production, transportation, warehousing, developed the procurement plan with the best cost and reasonable pace, and given full play to the advantage of price management research, grasped the chance during the outbreak of steel products at a bargain, to provide customers with lock price protection scheme, save procurement costs more than one million yuan.

during the construction peak period of k1 expressway, the peak monthly consumption of steel bars is 14,000 tons, of which the consumption of a single specification is as high as 5,000 tons in a short period of time, and the problem of supply interruption often occurs in the regional market. deep into production and construction link, combined with long-term accumulation of the steel supply chain operating data, shanghai c&d material helped customers to design dynamic inventory management mode. according to the construction progress of the project, shanghai c&d material adjusted the delivery and transportation plan of goods in real time, monitored the regional inventory status, transferred the goods across the region in advance, provided stable raw material supply, and effectively guaranteed the completion of the project on time. 

adhering to the service concept and goal of "supply chain value-added" and relying on its rich experience in steel supply chain operations and service, shanghai c&d material has actively integrated resources and successfully completed the supply task of the first section of xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i) project under the strict standards of quality, safety, efficiency and cost. in a short period of 5 months, shanghai c&d material has supplied 40,000 tons of steel, which helped the successful completion of the xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i) project, demonstrating "xiong’an quality" and "xiong’an speed". as the first new urban expressway in xiong’an new area, the completion of xiong’an k1 expressway (phase i) will play a positive role in promoting the development of transportation, economic connectivity and social and economic development in the new area.

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shanghai c&d material co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. adhering to the supply chain operations concept of "integrate resources and create added value", shanghai c&d material is committed to becoming a "professional", "intelligent" and "sharing" steel supply chain operator. shanghai c&d material has deep ploughed infrastructure, housing construction and other engineering plates for many years, and has established a good foundation for cooperation with large construction enterprises such as cnnc, mcc, crec and cscec. the business scope covers housing construction, urban infrastructure, urban rail transit, bridges, railways, highways and nuclear power projects, and provides supply chain operations services for national major strategic projects such as fuqing and zhangzhou project of "hualong 1" nuclear power project.