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c&d (shanghai) co., ltd. won the award for outstanding contributions to economy of pudong new area -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-12-14 | source:c&d inc.

on december 8, c&d (shanghai) co., ltd. won the award from more than 100,000 enterprises in the "2019 annual commendation for enterprises with outstanding economic contributions in pudong new area" sponsored by the people's government of shanghai pudong new area.

as the vanguard of china's reform and opening up, pudong new area has overcome all difficulties in the past 30 years of development and opening up, accounting for 1/8,000 of the country's land, creating 1/80 of the country's gdp and 1/15 of the country's total foreign trade volume. now, pudong is fully implementing the "five multiplier actions" of industrial energy level, project investment, functional advantages, land efficiency and service efficiency. at present, pudong has formed six hard core industrial clusters, namely china core, innovative medicine, blue sky dream, intelligent manufacturing, future car and data port. the doubling of industrial energy level has attracted much attention.

as the earliest and most important link in the "stepping-out" layout of c&d inc., c&d (shanghai) co., ltd. has been committed to developing advantageous supply chain business in east china since its establishment in 2002, and adheres to finding its own positioning and direction in the development track of pudong new area. with the advantage of pudong new area in six hard core industrial clusters and talent heights, the company has achieved rapid development in the supply chain operations services of metal materials, medicine, electromechanical and other industries.

in the future, c&d (shanghai) co., ltd. will further follow pudong's leading role in science and technology innovation and high-end industries, be in line with the new development pattern of both domestic and international cycles, grasp opportunities, keep pace with the progress of the times, make full use of technology and finance to empower, and strive to create more far-reaching industry value through lift supply chain operations services.