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c&d paper & pulp successfully undertook the "exchange meeting on current situation of market pulp" -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-07-14 | source:c&d paper & pulp

on july 10th, sponsored by china paper association, undertook by xiamen c&d paper & pulp co., ltd. and china paper association market pulp working committee, the " exchange meeting on current situation of market pulp " was successfully held through a video link between studios in beijing and shanghai and was broadcast live online to the public.

at the beginning of the meeting, mr. cheng dongfang, general manager of c&d paper& pulp, delivered a welcome speech. afterwards, mr. zhao wei, president of china paper association, made an analysis and interpretation of the current situation of the industry, and six suppliers from major producing areas of global market pulp brought theme sharing. in the round table forum, eleven top players from supply and marketing field of the industry had in-depth discussions on the "crisis" and "opportunity " in the epidemic, the balance between supply and demand of pulp in the market, port logistics and inventory, enterprise transformation and upgrading strategies and other topics, and jointly provided suggestions for the development of the industry.

c&d paper& pulp and china paper association have successfully held the "china pulp summit" for three consecutive years. the sudden outbreak of covid-19 has had a huge impact on the pulp and paper industry. upstream and downstream participants in the industry need not only confidence and courage, but also direction and path. for the first time, this conference adopted the form of online live broadcast to break the barrier caused by the epidemic with science and technology and focus on hot issues such as supply and demand of market pulp, which attracted extensive attention from all sectors of the society, enhanced industrial exchanges, and promoted the development of the industry. at the same time, it is also another bold innovation of c&d paper & pulp in the form of the conference.

xiamen c&d paper & pulp co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (held by xiamen c&d corp., one of fortune global 500). since its establishment in 1992, it has been deeply engaged in the industry for 28 years, with 36 business outlets all over the country and overseas, and has developed into a professional forest pulp and paper supply chain operator in china. in the future, c&d paper & pulp will continue to maintain its advantages in comprehensive supply chain services and provide high-quality trading services, financial services, logistics services and information services for all the new and old friends in the industry.