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c&d inc. is rated aaa by china securities index and ranks 14th in esg among a-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-06-15 | source:c&d inc.

recently, china securities index esg evaluation data launched by shanghai china securities index information service co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "china securities index") was officially launched at the wind information financial terminal. the latest rating of c&d inc. is "aaa", and its esg rating ranked 14th among more than 3,800 a-share listed companies, ranking first in the industry.

founded in september 2017, china securities index co., ltd. specializes in integrated services of index and index investment, and has been authorized by the index market compilation of shanghai stock exchange, shenzhen stock exchange and hong kong stock exchange. based on the core connotation and development experience of esg, combined with the actual situation of the domestic market, the esg evaluation system builds a three-level index system from top to bottom, with "aaa" as the highest level.

based on china's esg information disclosure system, the design process of esg indicators fully demonstrates the applicability of each indicator by referring to foreign mainstream esg systems, and adds indexes with chinese characteristics, such as poverty alleviation, social responsibility report, csrc punishment, etc. the esg evaluation data of csi is close to the chinese market, with wide coverage and high timeliness.

with the brand core value of "integrating resources and creating added value", c&d inc. provides customers with supply chain operations services, real estate development products and comprehensive services of the real estate industry chain. the company strives to provide professional services for customers, create good returns for shareholders, grow together with partners, provide development space for employees, create ethical values for the society, and actively assume social responsibilities for stakeholders. the company strictly abides by the "environmental protection law of the people's republic of china" and other laws and regulations. starting from green office operation, environmental protection construction and promotion of green building, the company pays attention to the protection of animals and plants, water, land and other natural resources, reduce the impact of enterprise operation on the environment, and strive to achieve the balance of economic and environmental benefits.

in the future, c&d inc. will continue to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen, closely integrate the company's business development with the promotion of social development, and enable more people to live a better life.