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date: 2019-09-05 | source:c&d inc.

after five months of rivalry, the 2019 world artificial intelligence innovation competition (hereinafter referred to as aiwin) announced its final results on august 30th. c&d (shanghai) co., ltd. won the "potential award project" of the medical track by cooperating with the incubation project of shanghai mental health center affiliated to shanghai jiaotong university medical college -- "individualized psychological risk prediction and optimization management system (phase 1) construction based on eeg biological signals".


the 2019 aiwin, with the theme "inspire intelligence, set sail for the future", attracted 514 projects from more than 10 countries to participate. after expert review and three rounds of voting, a total of 15 annual winning projects and 20 potential award projects have been selected from the five track directions of medical, finance, transportation, industry and robotics.


"individualized psychological risk prediction and optimization management system (phase 1) construction based on eeg biological signals" is the first incubated project of c&d (shanghai) co., ltd.’s "1 chain" incubator. after ten years of clinical research and data accumulation, on the basis of resource integration and collaborative cooperation among various industries, universities and research institutes, a prevention and treatment system for severe psychosis in chinese population will be established based on accurate risk prediction, accurate big data analysis and accurate intervention.


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"1-chain" incubator is an innovative enabling incubator focusing on "intelligent manufacturing & smart medical care" to accelerate incubation and rapidly promote the market. relying on the concept of win-win cooperation and co-integration, it is committed to optimizing the growth path of incubation projects and realizing exponential growth of high-quality incubation projects. it is the value chain and future chain of entrepreneurs. with an international perspective and the use of supply chain resources, c&d inc. enables the "1-chain" incubator to achieve accurate docking, efficient incubation, and build a new bridge between innovation and market, helping to create a new peak moment of chinese innovation.