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lift the value—c&d inc. launches the new service brand -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2018-11-01 | source:c&d inc.

on october 31st, xiamen c&d inc. officially launched a new service brand — lift supply chain services. lift means "upgrade" and echoes the brand core value of c&d inc. "supply chain value-adding".


the three core jobs of lift supply chain services are to integrate resources, plan solutions and provide services. lift is composed of the initials of logistics services, information services, finance services and trading services. each of the above-mentioned basic services of supply chain operations contains several service elements. based on the above service elements, c&d inc. integrates five resources of logistics, information, finance, commodities and market for customers, plans supply chain solutions and provides operational services.


lift supply chain services are not only contained in four types of simple basic services, but also advocate the arrangement and combination of various service elements to form n differentiated service products, so that customers would have n kinds of imagination space for our services. at the same time, c&d inc. will also take user needs as the guide, launch more innovative service elements to achieve the "4 to n" personalized customized services, so as to meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers.


c&d inc. also released a full set of vi image of lift service brand. lift's essence lies in starting from four types of basic services to n customized solutions and extending to various industries. based on the characteristics of lift supply chain service products, its visual expression emphasizes the process of "from integration to customization, from customization to value-added". the whole vi image is dynamic and changing, so as to convey the brand personality of c&d inc. which is not willing to be mediocre and explores innovation.


the brand new slogan "lift the value" of c&d inc. expresses the core value of its brand — supply chain value-adding, and conveys the value commitment of c&d inc.: no value-added, no service.

c&d inc. will continue to accumulate the three core competitiveness of resource, talent and risk control, uphold the concept of "resource sharing, win-win cooperation", focus on the "integration", "planning" and "operation" of the three core work, explore potential value-added opportunities in the supply chain operations. start from the supply chain into the customers’ value chain, c&d inc. will help customers to achieve business model reengineering and create added value of their value chain.


the establishment of lift supply chain service brand is of great significance for c&d inc. to promote innovative development strategy and enhance enterprise mission connotation. it will change the market value positioning of c&d inc. and lead the innovative development of c&d inc.’s supply chain business in the future. lift service brand concept will become the driving force for c&d inc. to continuously improve service quality and continuously innovate service products.

supply chain is changing the world, enterprises must make full use of supply chain in order to stand firm in the market competition and win sustainable competitive advantage. through the continuous exploration and innovation of the operation mode, c&d inc. will accelerate the circulation of industry resources, improve the operation efficiency of the whole industry supply chain link, promote the progress of business model, accelerate the development of social economy, and enable more people to live a more high-quality life.

c&d inc., lift the value.