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c&d auto obtains brand authorization of mclaren in fujian province -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2017-11-17 | source:c&d auto

c&d auto insists the business strategy of luxury and ultra-luxury brand automobile operating. rely on the brand influence and abundant actual strength of the parent company c&d inc. and the perfect service network, professional management team and aggressive spirit of itself, c&d auto gains favor of mclaren and obtains its brand authorization in fujian province successfully after several rounds of review, which means c&d auto strides further to its company vision of being the leading luxury car brand operator of china.


mclaren, which is from england, forges ultimate perfect super roadster by the very enterprising innovative manner and the unremitting pursuit of consummate engineering, conquers the world fans over 50 years. the main models for sale are: 570s, 570 spider, 570gt, 540c of sports car series and 720s of super car series.

in the future, c&d auto will open up the exclusive display hall for mclaren in c&d auto living hall, which is located in no. 8, changle road, huli district, xiamen.