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c&d wine becomes officially authorized educational institution of wset uk in china -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2017-02-24 | source:c&d wine

recently, c&d wine and headquarters of wset uk have signed the cooperation agreement. c&d wine has become one of the few officially authorized educational institution of wset uk in china. the authorization number is 1844.


british wine & spirit education trust, “wset” for short, whose headquarters located in london, is the biggest supplier of wine and liquor course in the world. nowadays, the qualification certification presented by wset is the most accepted in the wine industry in mainland of china. wset supplies courses in 62 countries all over the world at present.

c&d wine cooperates with wset uk in order to raise the professional level on wine of internal staff so that they can service the consumers better. later, c&d wine will recruit social students gradually, help the wine amateurs and employees through authoritative teaching to understand the world of wine step by step. the students who finish the study and pass the test will get the rating certificate issued by headquarters of wset uk from london.