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c&d auto obtains brand authorization of alfa romeo consolidates the image of luxury car operator -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2017-01-06 | source:c&d auto

on 5th, jan. 2017, xiamen c&d automobile co., ltd. received the brand cooperation letter of intent signed by alfa romeo (shanghai) automobile sales co., ltd., which means c&d auto obtained officially the distributor authorization of this brand in xiamen and fuzhou cities.


alfa romeo, the famous car and sports car manufacturer, whose headquarter lies in milan, italy, has been set up since 1910. the company orientates its brand in luxury car and pursues the excellent performance.

in 2017, alfa romeo will enter chinese market formally by original import. the main models are: luxury sports car-giulia, luxury suv-stelvio. 

with the company vision of being the leading luxury car brand operator of china, c&d auto insists the business strategy of luxury and ultra-luxury brand and develops the market aggressively all the time. after obtaining the authorization of alfa romeo, the c&d auto operates 12 automobile brands now (bentley, porsche, jaguar, land rover, lincoln, cadillac, alfa romeo, imported volkswagen, acura, gac acura, imported mitsubishi, gac mitsubishi) , which consolidates its image of luxury car operator further.