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c&d expands territory of familial -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2016-03-14 | source:c&d inc.

c&d home furnishing co., ltd., which invested jointly by c&d inc. and c&d real estate corp., is set up recently. besides the sales of red sandalwood furniture and decoration, the company will also supply the services of space design and personalized customization of red sandalwood products.  after setting foot in the field of high-end consumer goods market such as: real estate, luxurious automobiles, yachts, fine wine, c&d goes a step further to expand its business territory of collection-level luxury goods.

as the change and promotion of the domestic consuming structure, the high-end consumptions turn from "spending much" to "spending well". the investment on value-maintained and value-added goods has become a trend. the red sandalwood furniture has been highly favored by the rare antique furniture fanciers and collectors from ming and qing dynasty. but hindered by the rarity of the resource and the complexity of the manufacturing process, good and bad are mixed together on the red sandalwood furniture market over a long period of time. the credibility problems keep the potential customers away.

relying on the abundant strength of c&d corp., ltd., c&d home furnishing co., ltd. will take the advantage of supply chain operations, real estate development, national distribution, professional transportation and management ability of high-end consumption goods to supply competitive products with fine workmanship and full service support. 

in the future, c&d home furnishing will extend the product category actively, such as: home furnishing ornaments, decorative study objects and buddhist supplies.