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subsidiaries of c&d inc. appears at the 24th conference on the electric power supply industry -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-10-23 | source:c&d inc.

from october 20 to 22, the 24th conference on the electric power supply industry, co-hosted by aesieap and the china electricity council, was held at xiamen international convention and exhibition center. at the 2023 asia pacific new power system and energy storage technology exhibition held in the same period, three wholly-owned subsidiaries of c&d inc. (, namely c&d emerging energy,c&d clean energy and c&d hitek, made an appearance with their new technologies, new products and new concepts in energy transformation and upgrading, clean and low-carbon development and energy storage, and discussed energy and power cooperation and sustainable development routes with all parties in the industry. huang wenzhou, party secretary of c&d corp., xu jiana, vice general manager of c&d inc. and other related leaders visited the site and gave guidance.

as one of the most appealing international events in the energy and power industry in the among the asia-pacific region and even the world, the conference on the electric power supply industry aims to promote exchanges among china, asia-pacific and global energy and power industry, and promote the in-depth development of the “belt and road” cooperation. 

at the exhibition, c&d emerging energy focused on photovoltaic, lithium, energy storage, and brought its distributed photovoltaic sub-brand “yiguangxingneng”. focusing on thedistributed photovoltaic market, yiguangxingneng has established a complete system including product research & development, market sales, installation and after-sales, intelligent operation and maintenance, which provides solutions for household photovoltaic systems, industrial and commercial photovoltaic systems.

c&d clean energy demonstrated its business layout in distributed photovoltaic project investment, supply chain operation and global product marketing. in addition, at the invitation of fujian electric power association, chen yuchao, vice director of c&d clean energy project development division, shared the company’s layout, business model and unique advantages in the field of new energy project investment with industry colleagues on the theme of “distributed photovoltaic power plant development investment mode”.

this exhibition was also the first show of c&d hitek in new energy exhibitions. c&d hitek focused on comprehensive supply chain service and solutions of the whole new energy industry chain and international strategic layout, which attached many domestic and foreign new energy industry chain outstanding enterprise representatives and other exhibitors to visit. 

the biennial conference on the electric power supply industry provides an important platform for all parties to discuss energy transition and promote green development. c&d inc. will take this opportunity to work with industry partners to integrate industry chain, supply chain and value chain of new energy, make positive contributions to realizing the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals and promoting the sustainable development of energy and power in the asia-pacific region.