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c&d inc. wins the 2023 top 100 esg listed companies in china -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-09-26 | source:c&d inc.

recently, the “first esg annual meeting of alxa chinese listed companies”, jointly hosted by the administrative office of alxa league and the securities times, released the 2023 top 100 esg listed companies in china  and the "securities times esg top 100 index". c&d inc. ( was named in the “2023 top 100 esg listed companies in china” and was included in the “securities times esg top 100 index” for its outstanding performance in esg (environmental, social and corporate governance).

adhering to the brand concept of “together go beyond”, c&d inc. actively explores the road of sustainable development. at the strategic level, the board of directors of c&d inc. has set up the strategy and sustainable development committee, and formulated the working rules of strategy and sustainable development committee of the board of directors, which is responsible for making suggestions on the company's esg strategy and related matters, guiding and supervising the company's esg related terms of esg practice, c&d inc. actively responds to the national green development strategy, gives full play to the advantages of supply chain operation resources, and actively contributes to the construction of a green low-carbon circular economy system. meanwhile, c&d inc. actively responds tothe national "food security" strategy, continue to build and expand the global agricultural product procurement channel network, committed to fill the domestic beans, oil and other products supply weaknesses, so as to provide more quality products to serve the chinese consumer industry.

in the future, c&d inc. will keep upholding the corporate core value of “positive aggressiveness, harmonious development” and the code of conduct of “simplicity, respect, responsibility”, help ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, fulfill the corporate mission down-to-earth, and continue to explore the road of sustainable development.