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c&d japan inc. reaches the business of exporting domestic caustic soda to japan for the first time -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-07-25 | source:c&d inc.

on july 22,c&d japan inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, reached its first export business of domestic caustic soda to japan. the completion of this transaction not only reflects the new progress of c&d japan inc. in expanding international business, promoting green transformation and sustainable development, but also reflects the practical results of cooperation between c&d japan inc. and c&d (hangzhou) industrial co., ltd., another wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc.

facing the growing demand for caustic soda purchase by local end users, c&d japan inc. has researched and judged the situation of the japanese energy chemical market, negotiated with potential customers on product specifications and prices for many times. on the other hand, c&d (hangzhou) has intensified its efforts to obtain resources and orderly organize freight transport, so as to ensure the smooth execution of the contract.

caustic soda is a dangerous order to ensure smooth customs clearance and unloading, c&d japan inc. and c&d (hangzhou) have held several coordination meetings with japanese customs, japanese customers, shipping agents and other relevant parties to fully communicate on specific matters such as hazardous chemical document declaration, landing and unloading operation, so as to ensure the smooth docking, unloading and delivery of the ship to the customer’s warehouses as planned.

in recent years, c&d japan inc. has accelerated its international layout, focusing on mechanical and electrical products, renewable metal resources, consumer goods and other fields, and has reached business cooperation in various fields with many multinational enterprises such as japan system co., ltd., sanko machinery co., ltd., and activelypromoted the liberalization and facilitation of commodity trade in the rcep region, providing a high-quality platform for the trade between enterprises of china and japan.

looking forward, c&d japan inc. will continue to practice the “go global” strategy, further expand the local sales channels of caustic soda, and make positive contributions to enhancing the value creation ability of c&d inc.'s chemical industry chain.