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c&d logistics approved as the first batch of lithium carbonated futures designated delivery warehouse of guangzhou futures exchange -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-07-18 | source:c&d inc.
on july 14, guangzhou futures exchange announced the list of designated delivery warehouse for lithium announced the list of designated delivery warehouses for lithium carbonate futures, and c&d logistics group co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, became one of the first batch of designated delivery warehouses for lithium carbonate futures. up to now, c&d logistics has 6 futures delivery warehouses, delivery varieties including pulp, pta, industrial silicon and the latest lithium carbonate.

it is understood that lithium carbonate, as the core raw materials of the lithium battery industry, is mainly used in new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields, and has been listed as strategic mineral resources by many major economic entities in the world. the upcoming listing of lithium carbonate futures is of extraordinary significance, which is the world's first physical delivery of lithium carbonate futures.

as the delivery warehouse, c&d logistics shanghai logistics center is located in fengxian lingang new area of shanghai pilot free trade zone. for the newly listed lithium carbonate futures, c&d logistics has done a lot of preparation work for delivery and warehousing services to ensure the smooth development of registration and delivery work.

in addition, c&d logistics has independently developed and upgraded its warehouse management system, which can efficiently and accurately handle diverse customer needs. c&d logistics has also built an intelligent logistics management platform covering all delivery warehouses to monitor on-site operations in real time. at present, c&d logistics has established comprehensive rules and regulations, efficient emergency plan and risk management system, continuously identify, monitor and manage the risks of delivery warehouse business, and constantly improve the team's management awareness, risk awareness and professional service ability.

in the future, c&d logistics will go into the front line of the industry to investigate customer needs, timely feedback on market dynamics, strictly accord with the management regulations of the exchange to help improve the stability of the lithium carbonate industry chain, and promote the stable development of the new energy industry.