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c&d inc. makes it in “top 100 brand value list of chinese listed companies” for 3 consecutive years -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-05-11 | source:c&d inc.

on may 9
, the press conference of 2023 brand value list of chinese listed companies was held in beijing. c&d inc. ( was listed in top 100 brand value list of chinese listed companies” for the third consecutive year, ranking 55th with a brand value of 82.6 billion yuan, and ranking 7th in “top 100 chinese listed companies by brand value vitality” with a the brand value growth rate of 62.75%.

the top 100 brand value list of chinese listed companies is produced by the national business daily and research center for china business, school of economics and management, tsinghua university, and it has been established along with the china brand day since 2017. the list is based on objective statistics of listed companies, and has become a barometer for the brand value evaluation of listed companies in the capital market. the entering of the list of c&d inc. reflects the widespread recognition of shareholders, investors, partners towards the companys overall development and brand building.

brand is an important symbol of high quality development of an enterprise and an important embodiment of comprehensive competitiveness of an enterprise. looking into the future, c&d inc. will adhere to the brand concept of together go beyond, help the companys brand building with long-termism, so as to promote the companys sustainable development and high quality performance growth, and grow together with shareholders, customers, employees and partners.