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c&d automobile wins smart’s major awards -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-03-17 | source:c&d inc.

recently at the smart 2023 new retail partner inspiration conference, c&d automobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, was awarded the best business partner of the year and best retail performance award of the year for its excellent sales performance in 2022.

in recent years, c&d automobile has actively responded to the national green development strategy and has laid out new energy track. at present, c&d automobile has conducted in-depth cooperation with many new energy brands such as lotus, avatr, xpeng and so on. at the same time, it has cooperated closely with catl in the business model innovation of battery application scenarios, new energy automobile industry, supply chain business and other fields.

thanks to the high consistency in practising green development concept, adhering to international layout and other aspects, c&d automobile and smart jointly start a journey of inspiration. the award is not only an affirmation of the cooperation results between two sides, but also a confirmation of the mutual growth.

in the future, c&d automobile will continue to deepen its efforts in the field of new energy vehicles, join hands with major brands, and constantly bring experiences of products and service beyond expectations, so that more people can live a better quality car life.