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c&d clean energy made its appearance at intersolar north america 2023 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2023-02-18 | source:c&d inc.

on february 14 to 16, intersolar north america 2023 took place at the long beach convention center, california, usa. as a subsidiary of c&d inc. focusing on clean energy supply chain operating service, c&d clean energy presented its
supply chain clean energy solutions and a number of innovative photovoltaic products at this exhibition.

during the exhibition, the local team of c&d clean energy demonstrated the ability of global resource link and channel depth operation to guests, which could meet the needs of diversified products and services. all along, c&d clean energy has been focusing on the global layout. at present, it has set up localized product marketing teams in many overseas countries and regions to continuously improve the localization operation ability of the enterprise and better empower the business and brand development. in the u.s. market, c&d clean energy has a localized photovoltaic module production capacity of 1.2gw, enabling the company to timely deliver high-quality and cost-effective photovoltaic products to local customers and provide more high-quality customized services.

looking forward, c&d clean energy will continue to deeply integrate market channels, supply chains, industrial chains and customer resources, constantly deepen the professional, international innovative development in the field of clean energy, and create sustainable value for global customers.