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c&d clean energy makes a wonderful appearance at italy's key energy – international renewable energy expo -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-11-11 | source:c&d inc.

from november 8th to 11th, 2022, the key energy 2022 was held in rimini, italy. this exhibition is one of the most influential renewable energy exhibition in italy and in the mediterranean region, and has been held for fourteen consecutive years. c&d clean energy, an operation service provider of clean energy supply chain under xiamen c&d inc. (, participated in this exhibition, as it provided supply chain clean energy solutions and a variety of innovative photovoltaic products.
in this exhibition, c&d clean energy exhibited a number of innovative products such as lift supply chain integration solutions, pv modules, and energy storage that is unique to c&d. the company demonstrated to customers its global resource linkage and deep channel operation capability in supply chain operation business, as well as its ability to meet the diversified product and service demands of customers in different industries.
as an operation service provider of clean energy supply chain under c&d inc., c&d clean energy has responded positively to the company's call to "go global" while continuing to focus on the global strategic layout. driven by the two-wheel market strategy of "globalization" and "localization", c&d clean energy has continuously enhanced its innovative development in the field of clean energy that is represented by photovoltaic. by now, the company has expanded its international product marketing business to mainstream and emerging markets worldwide, including the us, europe, pakistan, vietnam, malaysia, turkey, armenia, jordan, etc., and has set up localized storage bases and project development and product marketing teams in germany, turkey, the united states and the netherlands. going forward, c&d clean energy will stay committed to creating sustainable value for global customers, and accelerate the global transformation and upgrading of green energy.