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date: 2022-10-20 | source:c&d inc.

on october 19, 2022, c&d's first cold chain special train on the china-europe railway express (xiamen-moscow) departed from haicang park, xiamen free trade zone. it is expected to arrive in moscow, russia in 15 days after going through the manzhouli port of china and is the first international cold-chain line from the fujian province.
this special line is loaded with high-quality seafood, vegetables, and fruits from fujian, such as frozen squid slices and okra sticks, weighing about 906 tons and worth nearly 30 million yuan. it keeps a constant temperature for maintaining the goods during transportation from the source of the factory to the warehouse of the final buyer. by employing the best technology, this ensures maximum freshness.
this special line uses the world’s leading cold chain containers, which are equipped with generator refrigeration units with standard diesel fuel tanks and are under whole-process tracking and positioning thanks to advanced satellite navigation technology. this realizes online monitoring of the temperature and humidity inside the container and real-time monitoring of cargo status to ensure the quality and safety of cargo. the successful launch of this cold-chain train marks the opening of a more efficient and convenient external logistics channel for seafood, vegetables, fruits, and other cold fresh products in fujian and surrounding areas, which further enhances the function of c&d’s trains to protect foreign trade supply chains while serving the local industrial chain.
c&d inc. has taken active steps along the way to integrate the products and freight resources of china and russia. the line leverages its favorable location of xiamen, the hub city of the maritime silk road, land silk road, and the brics center. c&d inc. provides customers with full trade logistics support by operating the special train line of china-europe railway express (xiamen-moscow) and continuously expands its service scope by integrating and planning round-trip routes based on the needs of carrier users. from august 2017 to september 2022, c&d's special train line of china-europe railway express (xiamen-moscow) has dispatched a total of 368 trains, with a total of 31,070 teus carried and a cargo value of nearly 7 billion yuan.
opening the cold chain special train for use is another important sign of c&d's part in further answering the call to the national "belt and road initiative" and deepening supply chain operations. it is a significant achievement in further promoting the agricultural trade exchange and cooperation between china and russia. in the next step, c&d inc. will continue to make innovations to improve the comprehensive service capacity of china-europe railway express and optimize the service solutions, making greater contributions to building a new highland for xiamen's opening-up and serving the belt and road initiative.