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c&d inc. ranks 667th in the forbes global 2000 list in 2022 -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-05-13 | source:c&d inc.

on may 12th, forbes released its global 2000 list for 2022. a total of 399 chinese companies (including those from hong kong, macao and taiwan) made it onto this year's list, setting a new record.
c&d inc. ( ranked 667th in the global ranking this year, according to forbes. c&d inc. has been on the list for 11 consecutive years thanks to its steady growth in operating revenue, profit and asset size.
the forbes global 2000 list uses financial data for the 12 months ending april 22, 2022, to calculate the companies' sales, profits, assets and market capitalization, and ranks them by these metrics. companies on this year's list have revenues of $47.6 trillion, profits of $5 trillion, assets of $233.7 trillion and market capitalization of $76.5 trillion. despite challenges posed by covid-19, war and unpredictable market conditions, the world's largest group of publicly listed companies managed to increase sales and profits over the past year.

(source: forbes china)