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xiamen international wine operation center: digitalization innovation of imported wine industry facilitate the upgrading of core chains -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2022-04-22 | source:c&d inc.

on april 21, xiamen daily published an exclusive interview on t8 with chen weizhong, general manager assistant of c&d logistics group co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of xiamen c&d inc. (, with an introduction to the construction of the "digital international wine platform" in xiamen. the full text is reproduced as follows:

the digital platform project of imported wine industry forged by xiamen free trade zone has been implemented since september last year, which enables a further optimization of the environment and improvement of the development efficiency of xiamen's imported wine industry through the digital empowerment of "platform internet". recently, the reporter had an interview with chen weizhong, the person in charge of xiamen international wine trading platform, the general manager assistant of c&d logistics group co., ltd., and the general manager of xiamen international wine operation center co., ltd.
"benefiting from the whole-process 'digitalization & intellectualization' reform vigorously promoted by xiamen free trade zone, we have seen a significant increase in the efficiency of customs clearance for imported wine. last year, the fastest customs clearance for imported wine on our platform only spent 72 seconds." according to chen, it is the new pattern, new ideas and new models that make xiamen free trade zone attractive.

recent years have witnessed the accelerated pace of xiamen free trade zone in the digital transformation of 14 key platforms to bring about a significant improvement in the efficiency of government management, such as the implementation of china's first 5g full-scene application smart port project, and the launch of china's leading "single window" for international trade in xiamen. in addition, efforts have been stepped up to support enterprises' digitalization for their transformation and upgrading. amidst the covid-19 pandemic and the complex and volatile external environment of the world economic situation, xiamen free trade zone continues to enable the wine industry through digitalization of the whole supply chain and upgrading full-contact intelligent services, thus building connection bridges for imported wine merchants, brand owners, distributors and consumers, and realizing the optimal convergence of resources in the whole chain.

last year, xiamen international wine trading platform commenced construction of the "digital international wine platform" in xiamen under the support of xiamen free trade zone management committee. according to chen's introduction, the digital platform of imported wine industry integrates the information of the whole category of wine industry, lift supply chain services, online display and sales, digital channel connection and other service functions. in his own words, "this not only contributes to the upgrading of the whole chain of imported wine trade, but also enhances the competitiveness of the international wine platform, enabling increasingly more imported wine to enter the chinese market from the xiamen international wine trading platform." statistics show an increase against the trend in the xiamen international wine trading platform last year. in particular, the number of imported wine managed through online digital sales reached more than 20 million bottles, with a growth rate of over 100%.
as revealed by chen, the construction of famous chinese baijiu trading center in xiamen has been initiated in hall b of xiamen international wine trading platform. it is believed that backed by the favorable policies of xiamen free trade zone and the efficient governmental services, xiamen international wine trading platform will be able to fuel the broader global presence of high-quality chinese baijiu and the long-standing chinese liquor culture by leveraging better chains, multiple channels, and digitalization.