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deep ploughing new energy operation service exploring the future of supply chain empowerment —— c&d logistics and antaike jointly held a new energy salon -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-09-15 | source:c&d logistics

recently, the "2021 c&d new energy salon" hosted by c&d logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc. (, and co-organized by beijing antaike information co., ltd., was successfully held in qingdao, shandong province. experts and scholars from the new energy industry gathered to exchange the current situation and prospects of the development of the new energy industry.

the special salon lasted for one day, attracting industry leaders such as gelinmei company, sichuan yahua lithium, guangxi yinyi new materials, as well as senior experts and scholars from industry professional research institutions. participants explored and analyzed respectively the development trend and industry prospects of the new energy industry from the perspectives of industry chain, production process, supply and demand analysis and market outlook of lithium, cobalt, nickel and power battery.  

as an excellent supply chain operation service provider in china, c&d logistics has been deeply engaged in the supply chain operation service field of new energy mineral products for more than 10 years. the company has rich supply chain operation service experience and successful cases.  in 2021, the company set up the new energy business division to further research and service the supply chain operation of the new energy sector and strengthen the supply chain empowerment of the new energy industry chain.  

at the meeting, the participants highly recognized c&d logistics' research and supply chain operation services in the new energy industry. the participants believe that c&d logistics has always attached importance to the construction of its credibility and would play an active role in the rapid development of the new energy industry, and they hope to continue the win-win cooperation with c&d logistics.