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focus on consumer goods supply chain business c&d inc. set up air cargo company together with xiamen airlines & zongteng group -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-09-01 | source:sina finance

recently, c&d inc. ( announced that in order to layout air cargo logistics resources, to help the company cross-border e-commerce and other consumer goods supply chain business development, the company plans to set up a joint venture shangzhou logistics with xiamen airlines and zongteng group. shangzhou logistics will be mainly engaged in air cargo transport and related businesses. the registered capital is 1 billion yuan, of which c&d inc. invested 501 million yuan in cash, accounting for 50.1% of the registered capital; xiamen airlines invested 379 million yuan in kind, land use right and cash, accounting for 37.9% of the registered capital; zongteng group invested 120 million yuan in cash, accounting for 12% of the registered capital.

leading in supply chain operation industry, expanding business from commodities to consumer goods

one of the main businesses of c&d inc. is supply chain operation, committed to providing customers with customized supply chain operation services based on the four elements of "logistics", "information", "finance" and "trading". in the supply chain operation industry, c&d inc. has been in the leading camp among a-share companies in terms of revenue scale for many consecutive years with its professional and high-quality supply chain comprehensive service system. in recent years, c&d inc. vigorously develop consumer products business relying on mature "lift" supply chain service system and c&d brand effect. at present, the operating category has covered automobiles, alcohol, shoes, clothing, bags, dairy products and other food, household appliances, etc. in the future, c&d inc. will continue to develop beauty cosmetics, personal care products, sporting goods, consumer electronics, fresh food, etc.

background of the joint venture company: strong companies unite and give full play to their respective resource advantages 

xiamen airlines is the first chinese airline to operate under a modern enterprise system. it has 210 aircraft and operates nearly 400 domestic and international routes, with a network covering the whole of china and southeast and northeast asia. with the opening of intercontinental airlines such as amsterdam, sydney, new york and los angeles, the airline network has realized the full coverage of europe, america and oceania.

zongteng group is a leading global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, providing cross-border e-commerce merchants with overseas warehousing, dedicated logistics services and other integrated logistics solutions. at present, zongteng group has built a cross-border e-commerce logistics network covering europe and america and covering six continents. it has more than 40 branches and 30 overseas warehousing and transfer hubs around the world, with a total warehousing area of more than 1 million square meters, serving more than 15,000 cross-border e-commerce merchants worldwide.

c&d inc., xiamen airlines, and zongteng group joint venture set up shangzhou logistics, can be described as a strong combination, complementary advantages. taking xiamen as the air cargo base, shangzhou logistics is conducive to enhancing xiamen's status as an international transportation hub.

the scale of cross-border e-commerce is growing rapidly, and the development prospect of the industry is broad  

in recent years, the export and import scale of china's cross-border e-commerce has maintained a relatively rapid growth. in 2020, the total export volume of china's cross-border e-commerce has reached about 1.12 trillion yuan, and the total import volume of cross-border e-commerce is about 0.57 trillion yuan, which contains huge supply chain service business opportunities.  air transportation, with its high timeliness and safety, will play an increasingly important role in cross-border e-commerce logistics.  c&d inc.'s layout of air freight logistics resources will not only help to enhance its competitive advantage and obtain more business cooperation opportunities, but also help to ensure the stability and security of the operation service of the consumer goods supply chain, which is expected to become an important fulcrum for leveraging the business development of the consumer goods supply chain.  

article source: sina finance