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c&d inc. makes its appearance at the first hainan expo to build a shared and win-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-05-08 | source:c&d inc.

may 7, 2021 witnessed the grand opening of the first china international consumer products expo (hainan expo) co-sponsored by the ministry of commerce and the people’s government of hainan province at hainan international convention and exhibition center. c&d inc. participated in this exhibition in collaboration with more than a dozen famous consumer brands from home and abroad, sharing a “consumption feast” with partners in the consumer goods industry chain and vast consumers.

c&d inc. makes its appearance at the first hainan expo with “double booths” and “multiple brands”

the construction of hainan free trade port is a major national strategy under the new development paradigm of “dual circulation”. over 650 leading enterprises and top brand companies in the field of consumer goods from 69 countries and regions were invited to the current hainan expo, featuring more than 1,300 brands. pooling consumption resources from around the world, hainan expo, as china’s first national consumer goods-themed exhibition, is dedicated to creating a global platform for the display and trading of international consumer goods.

through active involvement in this event, c&d inc. exploited the potential of the domestic market to provide customized “lift supply chain services” for customers upstream and downstream of the consumer goods industry chain by leveraging its advantages of industry chain resources and supply chain service capabilities. it facilitated efficient access of global high-quality consumer products to the domestic market, thereby boosting consumption upgrading and driving and serving the “dual circulation” development.

c&d inc. stood in the exhibition area of high-end food and health care products in hall 3 at hainan expo, featuring “double booths” to exhibit high-quality products in such segments as cosmetics, health care products, fresh food, leisure snacks, dairy products and wine for the broad masses of consumers. the main booth was situated at 3t017 of hall 3 with “global boutique” as its core concept, gathering c&d’s own brands like suixing, info coffee and meihuaxiang together with international well-known brands like danone, moet hennessy, torre oria china, mcnulty coffee and nepean river milk based on a core concept of “global boutique”. the sub-booth, located at 3t006 of hall 3 and styled in traditional japanese wabi-sabi architecture, was operated by c&d japan inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc., in collaboration with japan’s three major general trading companies, marubeni corporation, sumitomo corporation and mitsui & co., ltd., to present domestic consumers a variety of high-end consumer products that represent japanese quality.

on the morning of may 7, zhou junping, secretary of the working committee of hainan yangpu economic development zone, liu jin, president of the bank of china, and their delegations paid a visit to the main booth of c&d inc. zheng yongda, secretary of the party committee and chairman of c&d inc., wang zhibing, deputy general manager, and other company leaders received the visiting dignitaries and gave a detailed introduction to the development of c&d’s supply chain business.

on the opening day of hainan expo, c&d inc. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on consumer goods supply chain with xingyun group, china’s leading digital supply chain service platform for consumer goods. taking full advantage of the attention attracted by the expo, c&d happy wine, a member company of c&d inc., joined hands with moet hennessy to launch wine of mouton cadet heritage commemorative edition and signed an agreement on in-depth supply chain cooperation with torre oria china, a representative of emerging chinese wine brand, to explore a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model.

professional operation and international layout to build a shared and win-win consumer goods ecosystem

upholding the mission of “exploring new values to enable more people to live a more quality life”, c&d inc. has been bringing into full play its advantages of professional operation and international layout for years. by setting foot in many consumer goods segments such as light textile, food and daily necessities, c&d has gradually developed core supply chain service capabilities such as “the capability to link and acquire high-quality resources in the global consumer goods industry”, “the capability to distribute in depth covering over 300 cities and channels in china”, and “the capability to provide cross-border sea-rail multimodal transport logistics with china railway express as the core”. c&d has also reached strategic cooperation with leading supply chain enterprises in various segments such as wine and dairy products to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency, and stabilize the industry position of leading supply chain enterprises, thereby realizing a virtuous and mutually beneficial cycle of the business.

china’s consumer goods industry is now embracing brand-new opportunities for vigorous development driven by multiple positive factors, both at home and abroad, such as the new development paradigm of “dual circulation” and the rcep agreement. recognizing shrewdly favorable opportunities for development, c&d inc. established the consumer goods division in the new five-year planning period to strengthen its professional operation capability and keep expanding its channels and consumption scenarios, with an aim to enhance the supply chain service capability and build a strong service system backing the consumer products industry. by assisting brands in the upstream and empowering terminals in the downstream, c&d inc. has integrated the resources of multiple origins in the supply chain to realize the sustainable and high-quality ecological construction of the consumer products industry chain.

in addition, c&d inc. further implements the “going global” strategy and accelerates its internationalization by setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary in japan—c&d japan inc. it continues to deepen its cooperation with japanese general trading companies and leading brands to actively bring more superior japanese commodity resources for chinese enterprises and push more chinese high-quality brands and manufacturers to go global, thereby boosting the dual circulation of domestic and international markets to build a highland of quality consumption.

looking into the future, c&d inc. will capitalize on the first hainan expo,  based on the new national development paradigm of “dual circulation” to link global high-quality resources, expand its market at home, and strengthen the dual-empowerment role of supply chain finance and digital technology. by building the “c&d global platform” for high-quality products, c&d will unite efforts with industrial chain partners to build a shared and win-win ecosystem, enabling more people to live a more quality life.