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c&d logistics launched its first intelligent warehousing decision-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2021-01-04 | source:c&d inc.

recently, c&d logistics - polixir intelligent warehousing decision-making project, cooperated by c&d logistics group co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of c&d inc., with polixir technology co., ltd., was officially put into trial operation and launched.

in this intelligent warehousing decision-making project, the two parties take the medical device project of c&d shanghai logistics center as the example, based on the overall design and process reengineering, and through the ai technology to enable, finally realize the change from the original "arrival of goods by people " to " automatic delivery goods to people " management mode. in terms of hardware, the project is equipped with 236 small goods racks, more than 6000 picking cells, 7 intelligent robots and 2 picking stations. in terms of software, “the warehouse brain” based on polixir new-generation intelligent decision-making technology was initially built, with more than 30 new interfaces, and the docking between c&d wms business data and aimws decision-making system of polixir was realized. according to the current order quantity, after the project goes online, it is expected that the efficiency of storehouse picking of the project will increase by more than 50% compared with the original, and the efficiency will be further improved with the increase of order quantity and the continuous optimization after the superposition of ai intelligent algorithm.

c&d logistics - polixir intelligent warehousing decision-making project is the first intelligent transformation project of c&d shanghai logistics center. the successful trial operation of this project marks another solid step for c&d shanghai logistics center to become an intelligent and digital warehouse.

in the future, c&d logistics will join hands with polixir to integrate the superior resources of both sides, and use its new generation of ai decision-making technology to help c&d realize the collaborative integration of the whole scene and the whole situation of warehouse management, further reduce the management cost, improve the operation efficiency, and help c&d to realize the digital upgrade of warehouse management.