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the head of fonterra's greater china operations and his delegation visit c&d food supply chain -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-10-16 | source:c&d inc.

on october 15, 2020, akshay aggarwal, head of operations in fonterra greater china, visited xiamen and led a team to communicate with c&d food supply chain. mr. bryant du, executive general manager of c&d logistics group co., ltd., mr. xiang li, general manager of c&d food supply chain co., ltd., and ms. fang li, deputy general manager of c&d food supply chain co., ltd., attended the meeting and welcomed fonterra's visit.

at the meeting, the two parties focused on the fy20 operation review and the cooperation prospects in the fy21. project operation manager ms. mao mingqian reviewed the milestone events and project results for both teams since 2016. the partnership have been walking side by side in the past four years. in 2020, the both parties work hand in hand to overcome the challenges posed by the covid-19 and achieve breakthroughs in project operation efficiency and results. driven by the joint efforts of both parties, the digital capabilities of project operations have been further improved, such as the successful advancement of electronic signing and electronic order platforms, which have achieved the best benefits of customer satisfaction and simplified procedures. mr.akshay affirmed the efforts made by the c&d food supply chain and discussed the direction of future cooperation.

as a strategic partner of fonterra, c&d food supply chain will continue to assist fonterra's development in the chinese market through lift supply chain services, go hand in hand and achieve a win-win strategy.