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c&d group and glp jointly launched the establishment of glp-pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-09-10 | source:c&d inc.

on september 10th, "glp-c&d equity investment fund" was officially launched at the 2020 fof summit of china. based on the industrial advantages of c&d group, the parent company of c&d inc., and glp, and the economic location advantages of xiamen, the fund takes logistics supply chain and related consumption upgrading, scientific and technological innovation and application as its key investment fields. in the first round of the fund, the closing account was rmb 5 billion yuan. in addition to c&d group and glp, xiamen state-owned enterprise strategic development fund, free trade zone and xiang' an district also participated in the investment, with the target size of the fund being rmb 7.5-10 billion yuan. 

as one of forbes global 500, c&d group's main business -- supply chain operations has a natural upstream and downstream relationship with global logistics and warehousing leader glp. glp's rich infrastructure resources, invested enterprise ecosystem and highly market-oriented fund management experience are highly coordinated with the industrial and investment advantages of c&d group. this combination of strong and strong will surely produce huge synergies and promote the quality, efficiency and innovative development of the industries of both sides.

under the strong industrial resources support and enabling of c&d group and glp, the fund will adopt a "sub fund investment direct investment second hand fund share " investment management strategy of the whole category of assets, covering the best private equity fund in china, teamed up to build gp alliance to carry out industrial layout jointly, explore the investment opportunities for leading enterprises and high-growth potential enterprises multi-dimensionally, build a strong industrial ecosystem, and form the best gp network and industrial ecological system with the interconnected management mode of the whole category of assets, so as to continuously create value for the society and investors.

under the call of xiamen municipal party committee and government, the fund and management company will be registered in xiamen, which is expected to bring tens of billions of social capital to xiamen. glp and the fund will promote the establishment and operation of glp related industries and other fund investment projects in xiamen, and cooperate with c&d group to promote the upgrading and development of logistics supply chain infrastructure and industry in xiamen. at the same time, the establishment of the fund can also better promote the in-depth cooperation between c&d group and glp's main business and financial business, help expand the strategic ecosystem, and contribute to the continuous expansion, innovation and upgrading of c&d's supply chain sector.