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c&d inc. wins "sustainable development benefit award" of finance magazine's evergreen award -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2020-01-14 | source:c&d inc.

on january 4, 2020, the sustainable development summit forum and the evergreen award ceremony of finance magazine was held in beijing. c&d inc. was awarded "sustainable development benefit award" of finance magazine's evergreen award.

evergreen award was launched by finance magazine in 2016, aims to find the enterprises that focus on corporate responsibility, corporate profits, while maintaining an evergreen development. the "sustainable development series award" includes 7 awards, including contribution award for sustainable development, benefit award for sustainable development, shared benefits award for sustainable development, green award for sustainable development, innovation award for sustainable development, risk control award for sustainable development and internal control award for sustainable development.


a total of 1,059 entities and financial institutions were shortlisted for this year's awards. the finance magazine, in conjunction with the social value investment alliance (shenzhen), examined the comprehensive contributions of financial institutions and real enterprises in economic, social and environmental benefits in the past year with a rigorous evaluation system and method, and finally selected 51 winners. among them, 11 enterprises including industrial and commercial bank of china, china construction bank, suning tesco and c&d inc. were awarded the award for sustainable development.