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2016 xiamen international marathon started under the general sponsorship of c&d group for 12 consecutive years -pg电子游戏网站

date: 2016-01-06 | source:c&d inc.

2016 xiamen international marathon kicked off at 8:00 am, january 2 in xiamen international convention and exhibition center. this marathon attracted 48,642 athletes from 45 nations and regions to sign in, including 27,816 for full marathon, 18,826 for 5-kilometer marathon and 2,000 for green running. 

c&d group has sponsored xiamen international marathon events for 12 consecutive years since the first session in 2003. now xiamen international marathon has become one of the biggest and most influential marathon events in china and has won the title of "gold medal event" of iaaf road race for 9 consecutive years. 

the marathon spirit of challenge and fight is aligned with c&d's brand concept of enterprising and vitality. as an accumulative enterprise who just celebrated its 35th anniversary, it is the spirit of marathon and the brand concept of "identify new value" that c&d has been using to create a vital, aggressive, and progressing brand image.